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gancho | October 16, 2019

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Meet Cecilia Berra…

Meet Cecilia Berra…


I am very happy and proud to present you another fantastic dancer, a great person, tango performer and instructor – Cecilia Berra. We had the luck to meet her during the last Belgrade Tango Encuentro in April 2015. You can still take your chance and meet her in Bilbao, during the Basque Country Tango Fest from 2 to 6 September 2015. Use the opportunity and register for the inspiring lessons with Horacio and Cecilia, there is a really vast and interesting offer (!), just check the workshops and register here.

Now, before enjoying your summer tango nights, enjoy this talk with Cecilia…


  1. Cliché question (sorry, but the answers are always so interesting ) Did you dance before starting tango – how did you start?

As a little girl I did a little bit of ballet and contemporary dance, but very little really. You could say I started with tango in the Club Pampero de Lanús.


  1. Your favorite place to dance? (a city or a milonga where you can really enjoy)

In Buenos Aires, there are two or three milongas where I go and DANCE… and in Barcelona, Aquelarre Tango, the milonga that I organize with my friend and business partner Carolina Mazzeo. It is my second home. I enjoy it a lot every Tuesday.


  1. What makes a tanda unforgettable for you? What do you need to say “I really loved this tanda/dance”?

To say that a tanda was really unforgettable for me, I need a nice embrace, intimacy, musicality and a sincere interpretation of the music we are listening to.

Cecilia Berra


  1. What can really annoy you in a leader you dance with?

It bothers me when a leader doesn’t listen to myproposals, when he is too much into himself and his own movements and when, while on the dance floor, his attention goes more towards the others rather than towards me.



  1. What is your favorite food? Which Argentinean food do you miss in Europe?

My favorite food… hmm, a well done roast (asado), to be honest!!! And the food that I miss the most is the one that my mum is cooking! 😉


  1. If you had to choose not to be a tango maestra and do another job, what would it be? Do you have an alternative dream-job?

I studied surgical instrumentation, but to be honest it’s not what I would like to do… If there was no tango, who knows, maybe contemporary dance, contact dance or some other discipline related to dance or theatre.


  1. What is your favorite tango-shoe brand? (type, style of shoe) What is important for you when choosing tango shoes?

When I am buying shoes, the most important thing for me is the comfort… I usually choose very simple models that I can combine with many dresses. At the moment I like the shoe brand Espacio.


  1. Do you have a preferred tango clothing style/brand/outfit?

No, I don’t, I use different clothes…


  1. Do you prefer instrumental tango songs or tango songs with lyrics (do you have a preferred song?)

I prefer tangos with lyrics, my preferred tangos are always different, at the moment I am in love with Torrente!


  1. We had the great opportunity of meeting you in April in Belgrade Tango Encuentro teaching and performing together with Horacio Godoy. What do you like when working with Horacio?

I like to work with Horacio, because I learn from him, from the way he sees tango, from the years he spent in tango. I had the possibility to work with him three years ago, before becoming a mother and I enjoyed that time, I can say that I know him well and we are good friends and for me it is very important to work with someone who is a good person, responsible at work and with whom I share the same vision that we like to follow together. And that’s how it is between us!!


  1. Are there some things that are difficult while working with Horacio?

As I have already mentioned, we are very good friends with Horacio and I never speak badly about my friends! We all have our ego and if sometimes we fight, it’s not us, but our egos! J


  1. Do you have a way of pampering yourself after a hard-working period of time? (like a good massage a dessert in a restaurant 😉 or a preferred way to spend your free time?)

I am trying to do yoga at least one or two times a week, I feel that it does me good, especially after working many hours on high heels. I love massage and desserts! They are always welcome, even during the working period! Hahaha!


  1. Last but not least: I know you have been living in Barcelona. What is the one thing that you would bring from Buenos Aires to Barcelona, if you could? The thing you most miss there…

I would bring to Barcelona all my family and friends, sometimes I need them very much and even if the technology helps a lot, a good embrace and shared mate is something else.

I would also import the never-ending tango nights, here everything is finishing early and that’s it… Am I asking too much?


Cecilia Berra, Horacio Godoy





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