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gancho | September 18, 2019

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Marina Teves & Rodrigo Videla: apply the motto “Happy wife, happy life…” also in tango

Marina Teves & Rodrigo Videla: apply the motto “Happy wife, happy life…” also in tango

After a beautiful weekend full of enriching and great workshops with Marina Teves and Rodrigo Videla from Buenos Aires, I decided to ask this wonderful couple a couple of questions 😉 They are people with big open hearts, full of life, enjoying tango, their heritage, enjoying music and enjoying teaching. This weekend gave me a lot of inspiration and new insights into tango, and especially into tango music and I met two new great friends. They are a couple in life and in tango, travelling, working, dancing together. I was curious, if it is easy, if sometimes they don’t feel like “having a break”, staying away from each other or if this vicinity and togetherness does not sometimes create tense situations 😉 Find out yourself, you might be surprised!

Let’s start in order and le’ts first find out how your story started 🙂

How did you meet each other?

M + R: We met in a milonga in Buenos Aires. We were both living there to learn more about tango. We danced at every milonga we met! It was so good. We decided to start dancing together, because we got on very well. Later, we started dating and it was difficult to have a relationship without dancing together. It was so difficult when Rodrigo went to Seoul for almost four months!

This is why we decided to work together. For us, to be a tango pair you need a mixture of both things: feelings and intention to dance together. You share your passion with the person you choose to be your partner. Sometimes your tango partner is your beloved, sometimes it is a friend, but in any case, the important part is that you enjoy the adventure of dancing with the person that has the same desires and objectives you have.

Do you have your preferred maestros from whom you are learning tango?

M: I have to say that a man called Cacho Capatto (we call him “uncle Cacho”) had the most powerfull influence upon us. This man is the biggest maestro we have, he doesnt teach us just setps, technique, figures… He teaches us TANGO! He has Tango flowing in his veins and he is so passionate when he teaches about the history, lyrics, music, feelings, traditions, embrace, conection, that we must say it is thanks to him (and his wonderful wife Graciela) that we dance and live tango the way we do.

How did you start teaching tango?

M: I started teaching in my small city, because there was no social tango community. I’ve seen social tango in the capital of my province and I wanted to spread this kind of tango in my city too. I was not the best teacher, but I tried to spread the idea of social tango. I also invited teachers from the capital to my community…


How is tango affecting your private life?

M + R: It affects our private life in a very positive way, because we work together, you share the same passion, we can express our feelings towards the other person through the dance.


Being together, working together and sharing same passion should be good but is there also any side effect?

M: Practicing together is the hardest part for us, because both of us want to be right all the time 🙂

R: in order to have a healthy practice, quiet household I started to apply the motto “happy wife, happy life”.


When you travel and spend 24h together for a long time, is it having a negative impact on your private life?

M + R: No, this doesn’t apply for us :). We get on very well together, we laugh a lot together. We have the same energy, this helps us a lot. We almost never fight.

When we arrive for the first time to a new community and don’t know the people, we are nervous before the performance, it is very difficult, like a difficult exam! In these moments we subconsciously start to dance for the audience, not for each other and it is not the best for us… (1st tango only, after break the ice and the other tangos are for each other)


I’ve heard you playing French music during the breaks between workshops or before starting to teach in the morning. Do you have a particular reason for it?

M: There is not a special reason, we just want to relax and “switch off” the brain not to work. We like to create a nice atmosphere between the classes, we like alternative music… We choose happy songs 🙂 to relax us and people (no tango)


Favorite food in Slovakia?

R: Belgian potato fries 😀 No, I’m kidding… I like very much bryndzove halusky and gulas although they are both quite heavy dishes!

M: I love the garlic soup in the bread. (I don’t recommend you to eat it before a milonga)


Impression of Slovakia:

To be honest, Slovakia was the country that we enjoyed the most until now. We felt very relaxed, people were very friendly in the classes, they were laughing about our jokes and this doesn’t happen everywhere in Europe. The tango community in Slovakia is very friendly and we enjoyed very much  performing for you.


Thank you very much Marina and Rodrigo! Thanks for enriching our tango lives, bringing the smell of Buenos Aires to Bratislava (literally!) and for answering these questions, revealing your lives even more!

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