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gancho | October 16, 2019

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Editor’s welcome – vol.46

Hello gancho-readers,

My language teacher has told me lately that “real” Christmas is the period before the Christmas day arrives. All the fun, being together, sharing, caring, baking, packing etc happen before the Christmas day actually. Still all the wishes are done in that final day and gifts are opened with big pleasure. In some cultures, there is no Christmas, but still the celebration continues with the new year’s arrival. Similar to Christmas day: big parties, love, gifts, kisses and wishes. That is why we have decided to dedicate the last issue of the year to the topic of “Tango Wish”.

We have a very new welcomer, Ileana, who is a graphic artist and will contribute to gancho with her beautiful illustrations. She says: “I started dancing tango in 2016 and discovered the learning process to be beautiful and rewarding, but also full of challenges. I decided to document my journey through drawings, trying to capture the beauty of the dance, but also sharing my misadventures, my accomplishments, and my thoughts on tango.”. Let’s discover Ileana’s wishes in this issue…

Chrisa’s christmas edition for you “I wish I could do the cabeceo!” Find out with her how to invite someone to dance…

Corina, never growing baby… And this time of the year is perfect for babies and kids, isn’t it?

Our guest author is a tango DJ: El Espejero. An interesting research about how the tango DJs, cortinas and tandas appeared. What is your tango wish for the next tanda?

Did you ever wish to dance like a man? Ivica shows you the way… Just in between, he is giving away Free email course for male dancers for a limited period of time. more info on

We got very nice feedback on ‘dancing to…’ series, where different couples perform to the same song. “It is inspiring” said one of our dear readers. “For this last edition of 2017 my tango-wish song is about accepting and forgiving what passed in 2017 so to invite the new and fill in with love and success: “Te aconsejo que me olvides” by Anibal Troilo, Singer Francisco Fiorentino ” says Marina.

We wish you a happy holidays time with your beloved ones and all your wishes come true.




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