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gancho | August 17, 2019

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WHY TANGO? ‘Cause I am selfish and egoist…

deniz lucia hazir gancho

I am a selfish and egoistic man… This is the reason why I dance tango.

Like many of you… May be, may be not!

I am an egoist when it comes to asking for much and much love around me. And so much love cannot stay ONLY around me – it’is not enough for me. It should be inside me and I should be able to hug it all… This is the reason why I embrace people.

I am selfish and want to be totally free to live my feelings without showing them to anyone around, keeping them only for myself and maybe for my partner at that moment… I let my emotions sail with the music in the sea of the embrace… Away from the eyes of others, respecting my shyness… This is the reason I dance socially – not on stage.

I am an egoist who is not accepting the minimum. I need to be better and better – not for my boss, not for my teacher… The only boss here is me and I have to improve my tango in order to satisfy my own ego, hoping that it releases more freedom inside of me. That is the reason why I continue to take tango lessons.

I am selfish like a bee that is collecting pollens from various flowers to produce her own honey. I need to see people, taste their culture and join their milongas. This is the reason why I travel for tango from marathons through festivals to regular milongas.

I am an egoist who wants to touch people’s lives through tango. Miles, religions, nationalities etc. are no obstacles for me. This is the reason why I write articles for gancho and this is the reason why I try to spread tango in my town.

I am selfish to hold Lucia’s hand and say “let’s do it”. Without hesitation, she jumps into the tango ocean with me… This is the reason why I am in love with her.

I am selfish and egoistic in MY tango and I am waiting for the day that tango teaches me not to be selfish and egoistic anymore, but just to BE!

This is the reason I still stay with tango…

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