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gancho | August 17, 2019

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This is not a list about ” why You should dance tango”. It’s about my own reasons ( or ” reasons” ) to dance. Some of them I share ( I hope ) with others as well, some maybe not. It’s hard to put it in words, but, as I wonder long time now on this question, it’s time for some answers.

So, why?

1. Because of sadness. Not necessarily to drive it away… but to dance it. Tango is full of clishe, but ” tango is a sad thought to be danced” is the most true one.

2. To forget. What? Anything. The day, you, work, misery, happiness and that money can’t buy it and…

3. To remember. Fragrances, thoughts, colors, the day, you, work, misery, happiness… and to turn all these into dance, transform them.

4. To say something. Without talking or hearing words. To say something I can not put in words.

5. To belong. Not necessarily to the “tango community” though there is also some beauty in this, if your stomach is strong enough… I mean the embrace, the music, the feeling of taking part in a peculiar, beautiful secret.

6. For connection. There is no other dance that brings two so close as tango. Connection is not always that easy, there are difficulties and conflicts… But it is there. No strings attached, no explaining, means to an end in itself.

7. To metamorphose, transform. It’s not that I become something entirely different, but I turn to be all those hidden things that lie there, beneath my everyday persona. A kind of a ball masque without the costumes.

8. To reduce pain. Now, here there is something going on with biochemistry and endorphins, but I don’t want to go into how science explains it ( though here lies the answer about how highly addictive tango is).

9. Because I like the schizophrenic combination of discipline, submission, romanticism, fetish and freedom of expression, which are the best of tango.

10. For the risk! Cause you might get a hard time all night long wandering from partner to partner so you might eventually have these four songs, this one tanda that will get you to forget who you are, where do you come from and where you’re heading ( where we all do.. )

(10+1. Because I can not do otherwise. )

 by La Milonguera

republished from La Milonguera blog

Thanks Calliope Peratinou for translation from Greek into English

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