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gancho | September 18, 2019

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The tango thought…

The tango thought…

On the road again…

Tango is always on the road. It is a traveller, an immigrant, a globe person… it does not have one home, its home is everywhere. The road is its home too.

This is how we feel, when we start to travel for tango.

Usually, we start in a community of a smaller or a bigger town, we are attending our tango activities, exploring, learning, failing and succeeding. After some time we find out, that there is a huge tango world outside, full of similar minded people who do the same things in their towns. We start to travel, to like it. We find out, that the offer is really huge and we need to choose carefully the events that we want to visit, in order to be able to continue the “normal” life as well 🙂 We start to meet new friends, we meet them again and again in other events and discover that wherever we go for tango, we feel like at home. And that new friends become old friends.

Sometimes we happen to be on a business trip, with tango shoes in our luggage – of course – and at night, when other colleagues “enjoy” the obligatory business dinner, we break away and find the closest milonga, to go “home” for a while and find a comforting embrace and the love that a job meeting can never give you. This way tango and tango travelling slowly becomes an addiction, a healthy one, though. It is like an obsession, the more we get, the more we need. We become insatiable.


On The Road


At least, this is what happened to my love, my closest friends and me. I found in tango a real sense of existing, of living. It is THE gift of my life. I have met the most wonderful people in my life through tango. It gave me much, much more than I have expected. Actually, I have never expected anything and maybe this is the very reason why I took it as a chance and am open to know new people, things, absorb information, visit countries, understand cultures and feel that every moment of this new (tango) life keeps enriching me. This summer will be again a tango travelling summer.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that my holidays gradually became tango holidays. Holidays on the beach don’t make sense anymore! Who would ever expect this… Ok, maybe for a few days, but then it is enough! I need a milonga, a practica, whatever, something connected with tango. It might seem crazy, but like this I feel alive! Connecting people, real people, their lives… In order to feel and enjoy tango, one must open their soul. Otherwise it will not function. It will be a lie, a fiction, like some “real lives” unfortunately are. And this, for me, is the most precious thing about tango… We are ourselves, real, with all good and bad habits, feelings, without judgment. Sure, we are learning it, nobody is perfect, but we are aware. Aware of our personality, of our mistakes, failures, our body, its capabilities and its limits 🙂 That’s the great thing about tango!

Keep exploring the road of tango, it is neverending. It gives people the chance to explore as long as they want. Some will find what they were looking for soon, maybe they will stop to tango. Perhaps that was their reason to find tango. Some will find a partner and quit tango too. They might have found what they were looking for… Some will travel to Buenos Aires, the Mekka of tango and some will travel the world. Some will never stop to dance and to travel. I feel I belong to the last category. I want to continue this beautiful trip as long as possible. Travelling countries, meeting people, dancing, opening myself and connecting. It is the healthy addiction of my life.

Enjoy it… we might soon meet somewhere on the tango road! 😉




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