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gancho | August 25, 2019

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TangoTunes; some already know this amazing source of music, some will discover now and on. We leave it to TangoTunes to describe themselves best below.

TangoTunes convert music from original vinyl and shellacs into digital formats and is already capturing more than 15 orchestras on sale on their web page. It is easy to buy and download this music and prices are quite affordable as you may prefer to buy 1 song or a full album, or a gift voucher for your beloved tanguero.

Do you need more, do you want to reach this source, then visit website is available in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.



According to TangoTunes philosophy:

“We know, Tango is more than dance and music.
Tango has a turbulent history that spans over continents. Tango Argentino is part of Argentinean and world history, is part of life philosophy, is language, is art. Tango is emotion, feeling, senses – a special attitude towards life.

Tango is an audible embrace.”

” If we have to choose, we choose like dancers.
A lot of Tango music was composed for dancing and in choosing our tunes we base our decision on the “danceability“ of the pieces. But that´s not all! When we choose like dancers, this means: with good sense of hearing, with a good feeling and the strong desire for progress.

With the strong desire for progress.”

How does TangoTunes work:

“TangoTunes is an Austrian-Argentine project with the aim to preserve the music of Tango Argentino. This way, we also preserve and support a piece of Argentine culture, which was declared World Heritage several years ago.

TangoTunes purchases selected collections of vinyl and shellac records from collectors in Argentina and digitalizes them in a highly difficult process. Since the beginning of 2013, approximately 1.000 vinyl records and 5.000 shellac records are successively being digitalized with precision and care.”



“The digitization of the shellacs and vinyls – the transfer – takes place in Vienna and Buenos Aires. As we work with fragile, old material, the discs are carefully cleaned, photographed, repacked and stored as material-friendly as possible.


For identification of the right pitch (“standard pitch”), an initial transfer for prelistening is needed. Based on this, the actual transfer with the corrected speed is made. (Most of the time, tunes have to be slowed down.)

The sound engineer chooses the right de-emphasis curve for every transfer. These curves were very different throughout the years and only in 1955 was it standardized with the RIAA-curve. To find the right curve is crucial for good transfers.

After the transfer gentle declicking and removal of pops is applied. Since mid 2014 we do not use any automatic algorithms anymore, as they distort the whole sound spectrum too heavily. Instead, we chose to accept the inevitable surface noise when transferring a shellac.

The equalizing and mastering are the final steps of the transfer. All steps are done in the 32 bit / 96 KHz mode.”


File formats:

  • FLAC – 24bit / 96 kHz – MONO
  • AIFF – 16bit / 44.1 kHz – MONO
  • M4A – 16bit / 44.1 kHz – STEREO


For Gancho readers TangoTunes offers a special welcome package:

“High Five! Save 5 Euros on your first purchase within the next 50 days!” 
Simply use the code HIGHFIVE in your basket to save 5 Euros on any album or tune!
* Visit, listen in on the tunes available. Put your preferred tunes in your basket.
* The total sum must be 10 Euros or higher for the code to work.
* Use the code “HIGHFIVE” in your basket to reduce the price of your purchase by 5 Euros.
* Valid for new and existing customers till 17 July on albums and single tunes, vinyls and shellacs. One time per customer.


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