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gancho | October 16, 2019

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Tango festivals Networking– Make the most out of your festivals this summer


We are well into summer and Tango festivals have already started.
If it’s your first or your 50th one I think you will find some of the tips in video#1 very helpful, as it is intended to get you more comfortable in those milongas happening in those huge gala spaces, full of people and potential.
Whereas in video #2 you will get a few tips on how to choose your classes in the festivals to come.

Most of us have a distaste for big festivals simply because they make us feel uneasy.
Maybe it is because they tend to be too crowded, or because we have nobody to go with.
Or because we have spent a certain amount to get in a class and it is not a good fit or we get to the milongas and we end up sitting for 3 hours.

A little bit of background on these two videos…

It was a warm Friday evening and I hadn’t gone to a milonga…haha… I was listening to a Tim Ferriss podcast instead
Yes! I do listen to Tim Ferriss…nothing to be ashamed of. Plus he’s done Tango too…

So anyway back to the podcast.
The podcast was about networking in conferences. How you connect with your peers, how you meet new people, how to get in touch with VIPs and how to choose the classes/ speeches to attend.

Does that remind you of something? Tango Festivals!
Exactly! Most of the tips about attending a conference could be transferred with some adjustments of course– such “booze” intake, which we Tangueros and Tangueras might actually need it, we another article on that I guess..haha–to Tango Festivals. They are both big events, attracting big amounts of people, and bringing in important teachers and dancers from all around the world.

You can actually listen to the podcast for yourselves here, if you are interested:
“How to build a world class network in record time

And so this is how I decided to do put my experience of Tango Festivals and my new found knowledge together and make 2 videos perfect for these big festivals that fill up our summers

Tango Festivals Networking #1

In this video we will be diving into the milongas, which tend to be huge and inviting to Tangueros from all around the world.

We will see here:

  • how we can make small talk a little bit more comfortable, because as Tim Ferriss says, “small talk is the big talk”. Best people to talk to, when should we walk away and when should we go for it all in
  • How to use the cabeceo and what are the signs for NO
  • When is it ok to approach the teachers for a chat or a dance and how
  • Make the milonga a party and not a work project–aka how you can have real fun

And with no further a do here is the video:
Tango Festivals Networking#1

Tango Festivals Networking #2– How to choose a class

There is a funny trend going on, in the Tango world at the moment I think. People go asking their teachers for tips on how to choose a class in the festival and then they completely ignore the advice… And not only, that they go to their teacher after the festival and they complain!
You should not be complaining. You were warned! Hmmmm

So my dear dear Tangueros-as, this is partly why I made this video because I hope that you will listen to the tips and even if you ignore half of my tips and half of your teacher’s tips, there is still a good chance you will choose the right class for you and you won’t get disappointed.

So tip#1 before I even share the video with you:

Ask for and listen to your teacher’s advice!

He or She is the person who has known you all these years. They know your level, your strengths and flaws. They can therefore help you select the right material that will give you a grant push forward.

I know you are excited, I know you want to make the best out of the festival.
You are probably thinking that this is your opportunity to learn from these world class teachers and you can’t just let it pass you have to grab it!
But you have to be strategic about it, in order to make the best of it

With this video therefore I hope that you will avoidl frustration and disappointment when registering for a class with one of these great maestros and maestras who are travelling the world this summer.

What you will learn in this video:

  • How to define which classes are more appropriate for your level
  • From a handful of classes how you should make your selection
  • What is the proper frequency for lasting results
  • The major dangers when choosing a high end performer as a teacher
  • How to ask your teacher’s advice to form your final decision

Here you have it:
Tango Festivals Networking#2–How to choose a class

Have fun and enjoy every minute of every dance!


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