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gancho | September 18, 2019

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April 2018

How to rekindle your passion for tango?

March 31, 2018 |

It is always interesting to see the enthusiasm when people first start dancing tango. Discovering that secret world for them is something which sparkles great passion for everything connected to the dance.

What they often don’t tell us when we … Read More

On Easter-Bunnies of Tango

March 31, 2018 |

by Olga Metzner, first published on 29 March on tangobetter blog.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long while. There are dancers, male and female, who seem to not be able to rest and relax. They may be beginners, … Read More

10 Ideas on how to keep your Tango Fresh

March 31, 2018 |


This is the theme we are writing about for this edition of gancho. People from along the world come together and so many different views and perspectives fill in these webpages, with Fresh Tango!

I am not sure … Read More

Fresh Tango Challenge

March 31, 2018 |

Can you see the music? Is it better to visualise what we hear to understand and feel it better? Before giving your answers, I highly recommend you to check below:

A dancer of many styles and disciplines Natalia and an … Read More

Dancing to… Picante

March 31, 2018 |

Dear gancho readers,

No tango can be danced same twice…

In these series, we select a song and share with you few videos of performances on it by different dancers.

When the first sun is smiling, the flowers start waving and the hearts … Read More

Editor’s welcome – vol.47

March 31, 2018 | 2

Hello gancho-lovers,

We have a fresh new issue (vol.47) for you with the topic of “Fresh Tango”. The season is changing, spring is coming with the freshest feelings. The sunlight injects into our souls more happiness and letting us feel … Read More