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gancho | September 18, 2019

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People of tango #9

People of tango #9

Murat (Ankara)

If I could choose my nickname in tango world, I’d choose “El Abrazo“.. Everything starts and finishes with the embrace.. In our lives, each embrace has its own feelings and beauty; the very first embrace a mother gives to her child, a warm hug to the love of your life, a big tight embrace to your grandfather who was always taking care of you.. In tango it’s almost the same, you can understand everything even at the first embrace. Feeling the heartbeats of your partner, noticing the first movement of the muscles when you started to leading, every step which has taken together, every breath you feel… all starts with only a simple movement: Abrazo. And the music stops… After sharing unique moments with your partner you feel a strong force that prevents you to separate from each other easily… That’s the embrace I want to give to my partner, to my friends when I met them after a long time, to my children, to my love, and even to my life itself.. I guess I’d be so happy to have such a nickname in tango.


photo credit: Tatyana Matveyeva

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