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gancho | October 16, 2019

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People of tango #10

People of tango #10

Angelika (Athens)

Honestly, I cannot really tell you what is the newest thing for me in tango nowadays, there is so much aliveness and movement in tango and its different styles always, and ever since I am travelling around in different countries, I observe so many „news“ in various places. The new in tango is constantly flowing and kind of contagious (for the addicts at least:)

In the end, I believe its all about personal taste. When the „new“ is of personal interest to me (movement experimentation with all that has been done from decades ago until now) I am getting interested in what someone else has thought about. When it is about what kind of skirts/pants all women/ men „must“ be wearing now to belong to the „good” dancers, I am truly disinterested.

It also depends if „new“ is about technique or the culture and life of tango. There will always be „fashions“- either new or going back to the old, and all has been there already. I think what makes things new and different is depending mostly on the people who do it, never fully on the content.

Of course we can invent new combinations of movements, but in its essence, its about people. I love when dancers don´t care about to dance or dress „like _______ (any name of a well- known couple)“ but like they ARE and FEEL themselves. It is beautiful and very inspiring to learn from great teachers. Yes, take that chance! Take knowledge! Honour them! (and by the way, sometimes the unknown person in the corner can be your greatest teacher) Learn many different things and pick what you LOVE and believe in- after you got to know all of what is offered.
Let´s not prejudge, let´s not copy. Let´s be our originals!

And then…. everything is new. all the time.



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