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gancho | October 16, 2019

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Marta Kossakowska

Marta Kossakowska

We met Marta, a talented photographer and tanguera and bring you the result in this issue. We had a nice chat with her on tango photography. Enjoy it 🙂

Marta is a photographer and a dancer. Which comes first for you?

Dancing can be as creative and colorful as making photographs. I feel lucky I can do both almost at the same time. My camera is my companion at the milonga, but when it comes to a good tanda I would easily abandon it for a warm embrace… just after eternalizing that intense mirada for my special photo collection.

“It is people that create my photographs, not me, the photographer”


How did you decide to take photos in milongas?

Before I press the camera trigger I have some kind of sensation that draws my eyes towards the story just happening around. I enjoy following this feeling and witnessing THE moments. I guess at some point, I just wanted them to last longer, even after the music stops, combined all together in one emotional album. Sharing them with others came later.

You visit many events and are asked to photograph them. How is your strategy? What is important for you during the event?

Each year I’m visiting more and more events. Some are new for me, some I have visited before and somehow I always find the time to return to my favorites. Revisiting is a great opportunity to continue or tell a new story about the same event. The trust that organizers have in me and creative freedom they allow gives the great inspirational push.
It is people that create my photographs, not me, the photographer, so it is good to be surrounded by energetic people and good atmosphere. I search for interesting light, usually dealing with the most difficult for photography, but so comfortable for all of you, dancers – low, colorful and keeping well the secrets, well, most of them.


Can you enjoy dancing while working during the same night?

I enjoy dancing probably as much as I’m enjoying photography, so it is a combination of those two in big doses. Luckily nights are long and those two engines are working well together.

You and your camera are invisible while taking photos. Is this your secret for amazing moments? On the other hand, one can not avoid making cabeceo with you when you want to dance. How can you manage to be visible/invisible whenever you want?

Eyes are a powerful tool, aren’t they?

A very common thought of many dancers is how to be in many photos during an event. Some people really enjoy to be in photos but are not always lucky. What should they do? Be a friend with the photographer or? What would you advice?

I photograph people, not just dancers. Being friends with a photographer can have you end up in a portrait, not necessarily the most valuable one from an artistic point of view… but well.. we enjoy those funny ones too, right?

marta3 marta4

Which part of your job is the most tiring or joyful: preparation, taking photos or post production and publishing?

It is the exiting moment of traveling to meet people. The one just before, the unknown, the unexpected. I’m pretty sure I’m sharing this excitement with other dancers and organizers as well. There is no time to be tired.

Do you also work as photographer in other areas or only in tango world?

Photography is not the only area I’m expressing myself in, it is not the main one too. But it is the only one that gives me instant, satisfying results right at the moment they appear in front of my eyes.
In tango world… there are some subjects that I’m working on continually for a few years now. You can not find them in event albums. I’m slowly preparing myself and working on these subjects, to show the results to all of you in a much better way than on a little computer screen.

Why hrum? How can people reach you to see your pics and book you for some events?

It’s easy to find me on facebook. The place where many of us are part of the online tango community.
My imagination and time are for hire. If you have any questions you can contact me on facebook or via email.

Any final words?

Let the colors speak for themselves.
SEE you around!


featured photo by © 2014 Andrzej Bernaś at Praktika El Palacio


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