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gancho | September 18, 2019

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“Los Vino” – Embrace, connection, caminar…

“Los Vino” – Embrace, connection, caminar…

I love „Los vino” (Otros Aires)! I’ve been hooked on it for quite a while now. I mean I had it as a ringtone for a year, I get thrilled at the sound of it, or the sound of anything similar… I listened to its lyrics, I know it by heart : ) I dance and sing it anytime and anywhere!

These 2 lines stuck with me from the beginning: ‘Su abrazo en mis manos era un pincel/ y la pista un liezo’ (her embrace in my arms was like a brush/ and the dance floor a canvas)

How beautiful the idea that she – in his arms – can become the reflection of a painting on the dance floor! So, for a while, in Saturday’s milonga, I’ve watched the feet of the dancers differently, following the beautiful drawings they leave on the floor, the elegance of their sliding, how they complement one another on music…

1017605_10200961138283374_2068183136_nAt one point I remembered that the lyrics say „su abrazo” (her embrace), so it made me think that it’s not the feet, but the embrace that creates this painting on the floor… And that the more authentic, live and vibrant the connection is, the more harmonious, colorful, playful the painting becomes…

Yesterday as I was sitting on a bench in the bus stop, under the moonlight, just after sunset, earplugs on, I hear – by shuffle’s choice – „Los vino”. A smile bloomed on my face and I „disappeared” for a couple of minutes from the station into a perfect dance, somewhere on a wooden dance floor of a fairytale milonga. This time the trigger was another line of the song: ‘pero entre tanda y tanda dejo su ombligo junto a mi cuerpo’ (but between tandas she kept her navel close to my body).

Flash back: year 2009; some tango festival; me – having just entered my second year of tango – am invited to dance; him – an experienced tanguero; me – posing into an innocent „blank mind”-like attitude… : D

I wish I could describe the preparation of the embrace and the creation of the connection! But I could only manage to explain its mechanics and that’s not the point.

I remember these:
– we didn’t step at the first sounds of the song; we just took the time to know each other and we abandoned ourselves to the music and the connection; its preparation and creation forever marked my life as a tanguera
– I felt that all my worries melted in the comfort of the embrace and I surrendered in his arms without any doubt that it was the right thing to do
– the first 2 songs were CAMINAR! What a divine caminar!… the communication was so intense that we didn’t let go of the embrace, not even in between the songs. We just waited patiently, connected heart to heart, to embark on the waves of the next song
– at the end of the tanda he led my back to my seat, me – dizzy and euphoric. I had just finished the tanda of my life so far!

The feeling of pure happiness resembled a lot to the feeling of falling in love (but it’s not that, though…)

Of course, one could „blame it” on his experience…



Something alike just happened to me again a few weeks ago! And this time – surprise! – with a 4 months beginner…

I could smell something from the way he invited me to dance… Ok, I’m kidding! I had no preparation whatsoever for what was going to happen! But I had my first clue as soon as he embraced me. We just stood there during the first sounds, building the connection, calming the emotions. Then we took off to a caminar that was stunningly similar to the one I had imprinted in my memory from that festival back in 2009.

caminar2It was an entire tanda of caminar and I dare place it before any other tanda filled with dangerous words like gancho, boleo, planeo, quebrada, cunita, volcada, colgada… : ) For the simple reason that I felt that universe – incredibly comfortable and full of sensations, born from the connection of hearts. I only wish it wouldn’t have been interrupted in between the songs ; )
One thing is certain, though: it really does feel very much like falling in love! : )


And I find that this happiness is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to each other through tango.

And no! It’s not just from… los vino… : )

los vino

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