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gancho | September 18, 2019

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itango – FreshApp

A very fresh news from the technology world. This application is designed for tangueros. Hurraaa!

It is so fresh that still I could not have time to go in deep to understand how it works. What is more I am too old for new technologies. Still i enjoyed the video they have prepared in cooperation with Otros Aires.


I am sure you will understand it better than me and if you like maybe even you will use it. I will just drop the below note from their own webpage to help you find it out more (links available at the end). Before that, I just want to inform you that application is available (since 15th of April) in AppStore ($2.99), Google Play (2.99 EUR) and Windows Phone ($2.99).

Enjoy the fresh app!

itango1 itango2 itango4

What is itango?

iTANGO! is a cool tango coach powered by latest motion capture technology!


* ALL BASIC TANGO STEPS: starting from the first step iTANGO! is designed to get you soon move confident on the dance floor.
* EASY TO USE 3D INTERFACE: a perfect design to view the virtual dancers making its steps from any angle
* STEP BY STEP: function that divides tango figures into smaller parts, making them easier to understand.
* INTERACTIVE TIME BAR: fancy fully interactive time bar for super slow or super fast back & forth through the animation. Enjoy playing and dancing with it to the music!
* FEET VIEW: Top view with only the dance shoes to concentrate on the steps.
* LOOK AHEAD & LOOK BACK TRAILS: to understand better the movement of the dancers feet.
* ANIMATED WEIGHT MARKERS: that show exactly the change of weight and base leg.
* GYROSCOPE ASSISTANCE: to keep your orientation in space as you are moving with the dancers.
* MOBILE DEVICE VIBRATION: to help you feel the rhythm.
* SPOKEN INSTRUCTIONS: directly from the tango teachers, instructions for men and women in different languages.
* TOP NEW TANGO MUSIC: top of the world new tango music to practice with!
* SHORT INSTRUCTION IN-APP VIDEO: that shows you how to use iTANGO!


* intermediate & advanced steps
* tango musicality module for dancers
* choreographies and special steps from the most famous tango couples of the world
* iTANGO! SOCIAL NETWORK: find festivals, tango events, tango marathons, milongas, schools and dance partners close to your place or anywhere around the world.


  1. An easy solution to the heel-first/ball-first qoutsien is to let your forward step touch the floor first with the outside edge of the foot. Simply turn your toe out and down slightly so that the area of your little toe becomes the landing gear. It looks graceful and unaffected, and allows your weight to come automatically onto the ball of the foot as you complete the step. Depending on your walking trajectory, the heel may sometimes hit first, but it’s not a big deal and you will always have a soft landing if your foot posture follows this formula.Further hint: For back steps and side steps, the inner edge should touch down first. Reach back from the hip and set the posture of your foot to make this happen.

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