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gancho | July 21, 2019

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I believe that thanks to the tango I became more healthy and relaxed.

I believe that thanks to the tango I became more healthy and relaxed.

Ravid, 30 years old. Living in Tel Aviv and working as director of product marketing in one international corporation. Discovered tango ten years ago and became an active and ormrequent participant of the many events at Tel Aviv tango scene.

What was first encounter with tango? How was your first impression?

My first experience with tango took place at a tango lesson over ten years ago. A friend of mine was dating with an argentinian girl and she invited us to a tango lesson in a place where usually Cuban salsa parties were happening. I liked the dance but the music seemed to be slightly heavy like if it didn’t let you move too much. At that time I really liked salsa much more and did not start to learn tango until several years later. When I started learning tango after few hours dancing, I usually started to miss the energy of salsa. It was not until the last year that I reached the point to prefer tango over salsa.

What do you appreciate most in your dance partner?(Embrace, connection, technique, approach, all together or something else..)

When I used to dance in open embrace, I used to care a lot about the way my partner is following me and how we are able to do a great flow of variations, especially to the music of more recent tango artists like Piazzola or Pugliese. Recently I am preferring close embrace and more traditional music like Biaggi and D’Arienzo and I care more about the connection, how my partner feels the floor and the ability to do dissociation.

What was your best tango encounter on the floor and why?

I can’t choose one but I traveled to Argentina this past September and enjoyed dancing there a lot!

Did tango change your life since that time? How? Did tango bring anything new or teach you something about life?

Over the last year when I started dancing tango much more it pushed me to be more in shape, as I understood that in order to dance better the tango I need to have better base of balance. That is why I started learning ballet and also to be able to have better embrace and dissociation I started learning pilates and yoga. Dancing becomes a meditation for me at times, dancing makes me more relaxed. I believe that thanks to the tango I became more healthy and relaxed.

You have been traveling on business trips and had an opportunity to dance in many different places as US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and also Argentina. Do you perceive any notable differences between milongas and tango events in Israel and abroad?

I don’t see big difference between milongas in Israel and in other places of the world. I would say that in Asia and Europe people are dressed more formaly and in the US there are some places in San Francisco area where there is more tango nuevo music and younger crowd. I believe that in Israel dancers focus sometimes very much on use of variations and less in the musicality and the style of walking. People in Israel always like to learn new things and sometimes have less patience to review the basics. But overall I believe that there are many good level dancers in Israel.

How do you find Tel Aviv’s tango community?

Tel Aviv has an active tango scene, with 1-2 weekly milongas and daily practicas. There are certain places where the audience is older and other ones where you can find dancers of all ages. In some milongas and practicas dancers of Russian origine prevail. There are around 6 tango places providing tango classes over Tel Aviv area and some of the dancers mainly the younger ones prefer dancing in the events organized by their own school.

Can you see any evolution of tango in Israel since you started to be a part of the tango community? Does it seem to be evolving, growing or changing?

The tango scene is growing, some dancers traveled to learn in Argentina and improved the level. Also there are more events such as open street milongas, tango weekends and more Argentinian teachers that come to give workshops and show, so the scene becomes more open to the world. However the growth is not radical. The community is still small comparing the salsa scene, and it is generally older.

Your preferred places/milongas/events you can recommend to a tanguero/tanguera visiting Israel?

I learned tango in Querido school owned by Kelly Zarfati which has classes practicas and milongas in Cantry Dekel. I like very much their classes which are mostly based on technique and I enjoy their milongas.

Any favorite tango event-festival/marathon/workshop in Israel that you can recommend?

Once a year there is a tango marathon led by Dance Tel Aviv. Many of the regular classes in Israel are great and there are workshops organized by the teachers from Israel or abroad but not at a repeating basis as far as I know.  Till now I have never participated in a tango festival however I understood that on the next May the first one ever in Israel is going to take place.



Katka Efarolfa

guest author of gancho

Picture credit: Heavy Tango, Sculpture, Mikel Fainaro


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