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gancho | October 16, 2019

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Fresh Tango Challenge

fresh tango challenge

Can you see the music? Is it better to visualise what we hear to understand and feel it better? Before giving your answers, I highly recommend you to check below:

A dancer of many styles and disciplines Natalia and an engineer backgrounded dancer Augustin came together. On their web page they describe themselves as: “Together they have based their teaching methodology on the analysis of movement, creating a study of tango that starts from the deepest essence of movement and grows into the complexity and subjectivity of music interpretation.”

All these lead to a series of videos that they call as curiosities and challenges. They show us some examples and asking questions in these videos, where we not only hear but see the music 🙂

I find them very refreshing and useful. Hope you will like it as well. if you want to see more videos please visit their fb page and keep following them.



ps: We are very grateful Natalia y Augustin for allowing us to publish their videos on gancho.


Tango music intentions / interpretation from 1926 until 1947


Guess the orchestra by the last “Chan Chan”


Tango Musicality Challenge: Arrastre / Drag





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