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gancho | October 16, 2019

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About Chrisa Assis

Chrisa Assis

Chrisa Assis

Hi, I am Chrisa Assis Tango and fitness instructor and creator of BauTanz-- Constructing Dance. Through my classes and workshops I help great amounts of people understand their bodies, achieve their physical goals, tune into the creative little monster they hide deep inside and shift their mental framework in order to build an artistic shelter, a safe place, in which they can find and nurture their spirit. I have studied with many of the world- known teachers such as Sebastian Arce, Mariana Montes, Sebastian Achaval, Roxana Suarez, Damian Rosenthal, Celine Ruiz, Vanesa Fatauros, Los Hermanos Macana, Pablo Veron, Graciela Conzalez, Milena Plebs, Paul bravo, Noelia Hurtado and Carlitos Espinoza an more. My wish and goal through my teaching and Bautanz is not only to share my knowledge and experience but also to show dancers how to creat options and possibilities. To break down the boundaries, bring the science and art back into the dance. Hoping to inspire you to keep looking for new ways of movement, new ways of expression. Keeping your dance fresh and your practice fun and interesting.

Posts By Chrisa Assis

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A friend and student recently told me this: “I want to change my Tango priorities. Maybe do some work on embellishments.I would like to focus more around the dance itself instead of myself IN the dance.”

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