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gancho | June 23, 2018

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Editor’s welcome – vol.47

Hello gancho-lovers,

We have a fresh new issue (vol.47) for you with the topic of “Fresh Tango”. The season is changing, spring is coming with the freshest feelings. The sunlight injects into our souls more happiness and letting us feel fresh and ready to blossom. And how is it for your tango? Do you feel fresh or do you need to refresh?

“How to rekindle your passion in tango” includes 5 nice hints from Ivica.

Chrisa came with 10 (or is it more?) ideas on how to keep your tango fresh.

Ileana touches the souls with a fresh illustration.

Also thanks to Natalia and Augustin we can refresh our knowledge and challenge ourselves with their videos. Now we can see the music…

Our dearest guest author is Olga this time: She gives hints for the “tango bunnies” 🙂

Marina knows the best how to add correct spices on fresh tango… Dancing to same song by different maestros…

Have a beautiful spring time and enjoy the fresh earth, air, water and fire inside tango…



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