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gancho | September 18, 2019

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Editor’s welcome – vol. 43

Dear gancho-lovers,

We have celebrated Christmas, welcomed the New Year. We enjoyed holidays, Christmas dinners, we ate a lot, digested, fought with flu or viruses and now it is time for the days to become longer and brighter, to look ahead towards the new year, new spring, new life and energy 🙂 Let’s do this togehter!

Let’s start with a new fresh edition of gancho full of interesting articles and observations, and even videos to watch!

Ivica offered us a clue about “Why do we love tango?”. Very open and interesting observation that surely touches the thoughts and feelings of everyone of us. Corina shared a very honest feeling of the learning and living process of tango that we all can identify with, I guess. At least for me, Corina’s words always sound like my thoughts put in clear and coherent sentences. Enjoy reading about the neverending process of tango learning and improving in her newest article “When does tango end?”. A very nice article by Veronica will reveal you why leading and following actually really works and great examples from real life show you nice parallels to tango’s lead and follow concept. Many questions in this issue and also some answers – Deniz asked Magda Skawińska about magic in tango and you can enjoy her answer in this fresh issue. Chrisa Assis, our guest author, talks about how followers sometimes feel in the tango world, why they might feel depressed… Find out yourself. And last, but not least, we are very grateful to Marina Tempus for offering a beautiful collection of videos to another song, ‘May God help us’ with so many great things to read and watch 😀 This issue’s videos are dances to the song ‘Que Dios te ayude’ (May God help you).

Enjoy, read, dance, look forward to the new season and see you soon!

Your gancho <3

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