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gancho | September 18, 2019

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Editor’s welcome – vol. 40

Hello dear gancho readers,

Summer is back in Europe with a warm sun that we have missed so long… In this issue, we focus on tango music and tango DJs (or TJs) little bit more than ever and what is mroe a special voucher from tangotunes is waiting for you.

We have invited 6 valuable DJs for a round chat and provocated them with our questions. Yes, they have survived all. Join us for this fun and read it all 🙂

Our dear Corina is back (baby is getting older 😉 )… She is – as we are used to – questioning us and all with: DJ or Playlist?

Tangotunes contributes the tango world a lot by bringing the mystery from the vinyls and shellacs to our digital world. With their each publish, we discover something new in tango music. Last but not least, they are giving a speacil voucher (discount of 5 EUR) to all gancho readers. How? Find the instructions in the TangoTunes article.

We think it is important to spread the discussion around good vs popular DJ. Fire has started by Konrad Krynski on his own blog.

One of the guest author of this issues is Ivica Anteski, talking on 5 common international tango DJing mistakes

Chrisa Assis is the other guest author. Around tango music, she has things to say to dear leaders of tango world…

Hope you will enjoy reading the new issue and have a great summer time.



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