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gancho | October 16, 2019

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Editor’s welcome – vol. 39

Hello dear gancho readers!

We are here just in time for your Easter holiday 🙂 We are bringing you some interesting articles, interviews, insights and movie tips to read during your relaxing days or nights, any moment is good, if you miss tango.

Denizko is bringing you an article about Zonda, Folclore Argentino, Carlo’s Saura’s latest movie. It seems to be another great movie of the director of the amazing movies Carmen, Flamenco and Tango.
Our guest author Ney Melo posted the 4 greatest tango documentaries on his blog and we are reposting them here for you. Thank you, Ney!
Another article in Maria’s series “Tango and Pregnancy” is talking about the perfect embrace of Simon and Sophia. Find out more in the interview. I personally cannot wait to enjoy one of the Easter days with this interview.
As usually, a very interesting and incredibly useful post by Veronica Toumanova about why tangueros sometimes loose the interest to improve their tango skills. Usefull for each and every one of us. We all sometimes face tango-crisis, a lack of inspiration or whatsoever. This article goes into the depths of our tango-learning process and helps us to understand much better this winding road to tango, full of surprises and ups and downs.
You can also read about why people sometimes don’t like too much light in the milongas… Tango immigrant, another guest author, to whom we are thankful for his contribution will tell you more about Dancing in the dark.
You can also enjoy a small imaginary trip to Buenos Aires thanks to another interview with Patricie Porakova. Interviews are like talking with people, asking them questions, learning their answers. They keep gancho lively and we love them! Thanks to Marek Godovič for letting Lucia publish this great interview!

Enjoy your holidays and each and every day of your life. Enjoy dancing, singing, reading and sharing. Stay with us and with tango! See you in 2 months!


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