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gancho | October 16, 2019

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Editor’s welcome – vol.35

Hi gancho-lovers,

It is very common in Argentinian culture to call people with their nicknames according to their character or something that happened to that person. So it is not surprise that it is the same in the tango world. So we select our topic for this issue: Nicknames in Tango.

There is a very nice article in explaining the nicknames of tango people, we are glad to republish it in this issue.

We have more guest authors with nicknames: La Milonguera and Tango Therapist. They share their tango with you not only in their blogs but also in gancho.

I really love the nickname Murat would pick and his lovely explanation why. Are you curious, check people of tango #9.

Last but not least, there is a female attack in tango scene in Buenos Aires. We asked Cecilia to tell us more what is it about. Read yourself.

All of us need a smile and thanks to Andrei, we have it ┬áconstant. Cartoon of the months is waiting for you…

Happy reading and let me finish with a question to all: What nickname would you pick in tango (if you don’t have already one)?




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