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gancho | September 18, 2019

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Editor’s welcome – vol 34

Why tango?

And why did we select this topic for the 34th issue of gancho. We have very good reasons. Most 2 important reasons are: Veronica’s new book (which has print and kindle versions available now) has the same name and the second is Maria’s project -also named same- that has been started long time ago regarding the series of interesting and beautiful interviews. We are sure you are enjoying each and every.

We, as dancers, musicians, tango lovers; ask ourselves this question time to time and try to find out the answer(s). Keep looking for your own answer. In this issue of gancho:

A great interview with El Cachivache is waiting for you. Lucia caught them with hard questions- trying to find out the answers to why tango and why tango punk!

You will be enjoying an article by Veronica where she received the question “How can I dance beautifully?” and talking about it.

Maria is delighting us with a special interview with Veselina Mihovska– an ice skater and recreation of tango on ice.

It is a hot topic nowadays: immigrants and refugees in the world. What we only need is a peaceful life. Why did immigrants start to dance tango in early 1900s in Buenos Aires? Let’s refresh our tango history thanks to Christine Denniston’s blog and book.

Andrei found the answer for “Why Tango”, but I am still searching for it in an egoist and selfish way 😉

All in the 34th issue of gancho… Enjoy reading and try to answer yourself: Why tango?


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