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gancho | October 16, 2019

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10 Ideas on how to keep your Tango Fresh

10 Ideas on how to keep your Tango Fresh


This is the theme we are writing about for this edition of gancho. People from along the world come together and so many different views and perspectives fill in these webpages, with Fresh Tango!

I am not sure if that is fresh but it surely is fascinating!

When I saw fresh Tango, I asked myself: “What does fresh Tango mean? What does it mean to YOU?”

I wanted a well-rounded approach, an inspiring approach because the first thing that came to mind was inspiration. And so I used a technique I learned from James Altucher(insert link) a simple yet very powerful and creative technique: write 10 ideas a day!

And this is what I came up with: fresh tango

10 ideas on “fresh”, 10 ideas on “Tango” and 10 ideas on “fresh Tango”

And so I was sitting here with a list of minimum 30 potential articles…not to mention the potential combinations we can come up with between the fresh and the Tango list… hahaha

And that is when it dawned on me that the most important article that I can write is an article on THIS very technique. An article on “building your idea muscle” as James says, on becoming more creative first off the dance floor and then on the dance floor.



Now let’s do the exact same thing for Tango

Well here is how:

In the video above I only limited myself to 5 ways of taking a step… You can do the same for any Tango element, and get new sequences and new ways to express yourself through sequences you already know.

Can you take it further?
Of course you can… Instead of 5 ways to step you can make it: 10 ideas on walking…
Let me try it right here on the spot…

  1. Do chrisa’s video on 5 ways to step
  2. Watch walk rite (insert video)
  3. Walk focusing on how your spine moves
  4. Walk like a….(cat, penguin, chimpanzee, wave)
  5. The element of the embrace in our walks
  6. Walks and music
  7. Walk on hands
  8. Walk on all fours
  9. Work on the biomechanics of the walk
  10. Practice change of direction using the element of surprise
  11. Chat with someone who walks for a cause and someone who can’t walk.

WoW… This 11 ideas… Not bad some a bit crazy, but one or two solid ones… A good start definitely, a good start!

What does your list look like?

Keep your Tango fresh by generating ideas. Get creative on and off the dance floor


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